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Laurel Lake

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Laurel Lake is a Reservoir in Dickenson, Virginia.

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ATTRACTIONS: Fishing, Laurel River Lake, Laurel Dam, overlooks
ACCESS POINTS: KY 192, Holly Bay Campground and Marina, Laurel River Dam,
Mouth of Laurel Boat Ramp.
NOTES: The trail from Holly Bay Campground to Laurel River Dam is
closed to horses.

Cane Creek is a popular fishing stream and destination for day hikers. The bridge across the creek is not designed for horse use. Fording the creek is difficult and can be dangerous. Rock ledges along the creek provide a nice place to eat lunch. Van Hook Falls is a ten minute walk north of the creek. The falls are at their best in the spring.

It’s a 2.5 mile uphill climb from Cane Creek to KY 192. The trail crosses several streams. Stepping stones have been placed at most of these crossings. Along the way you will find nice views of the valley.

A parking area at KY 192 provides parking for about ten cars.

The trail heads south from the parking area to Laurel River Lake where it passes through Holly Bay Campground. Just before reaching the campground, the trail intersects with the Wintergreen Trail, which makes a one mile loop through the campground. A fee is charged to stay at the campground. The fee can be paid at the campground entrance station, which is a three-quarter mile walk up the paved road from the campground boat ramp. The campground is closed from November 1 to mid-April.

After passing through the campground, the trail crosses the road to Holly Bay Marina. The marina is open year round and has treated drinking water. The trail skirts the lakeshore and crosses several lake access roads on its way to Laurel River Dam.

There are paved parking areas on both sides of the dam. The U.S. Army Corps of Enginneers also maintains a swimming area at the dam.

The Sheltowee Trace crosses the dam and spillway bridge on KY 1193, then leaves the road to climb a steep embankment into the woods. It descends to Whitman Branch where a small footbridge provides an easy crossing for hikers. The trail reaches KY 1277 at Mouth of Laurel Boat Ramp. Parking is available at the ramp.

Laurel Lake
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