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Crappie Fishing Videos

Crappie Fishing Videos

How To Choose A Crappie Lure

What kind of lures will mimic a bait fish and tempt a hungry crappie? Dan and Brad show you a few options.

Summer Night Crappie Fishing

The Backwoodsman's Institute presents: Summer Night Crappie Fishing, in this video Logan and David use fishing lights bring in bait fish and catch the crappie attacking these bait fish all night long.

Summertime Crappie Fishing

Summertime crappie fishing. Host Tim Farmer joins guide Tom Perkins on Nolin River Lake to show differences between the winter technique and when the temperatures are bubbling over.

Wade Fishing for Bedding Crappie

Wade Fishing For Crappie with Wally Marshall.

Trolling for Crappie

Trolling for Crappie with Wally Marshall

Transitional Crappie

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The calm of summer calls for a gentle, precise approach to successful fishing. Dave Csanda and Dan Lindner give you the information on how to find and catch Crappies.
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Trolling for Crappie

Trolling for Crappie with Wally Marshall

Catch Video - Lake Powell

What is fishing nirvana? How about the possibility of hooking any one of 10 sport fish on every cast at the huge fishery known as Lake Powell? And you want size? How about striped bass swimming the massive Colorado River impoundment closing in on the world angling record of 78 pounds? Bass in the striped, largemouth and smallmouth variety call Glen Canyon National Recreation Area home. So do thick black crappie and bluegill as well as hungry channel catfish and the occasional northern pike and even some tiger muskie. Fishing nirvana indeed.

Catching Crappie after the Spawn

Every year as the crappie spawn draws to close, anglers must choose whether to keep searching for crappie or move on to other species that crowd the banks in early summer. According to Todd Huckabee, professional crappie fisherman and full-time guide, the crappie haven't moved nearly as far as one might think.

Summer Crappie Tips

Some great summer crappie fishing tips from professional crappie guide, Todd Huckabee

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