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Catfish Fishing Videos

Catfish Fishing Videos

Catfish in Windy Conditions

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Most catfish anglers search for good places to fish that is out of the wind however some great catfish can be caught in the rough wind. Boat control plays an important part of fishing in windy conditions.
Drift fishing is the best technique for catching catfish in windy conditions.

Free Drifting for Catfish
Once you decide where you want to start your drift, just throw your baited rig over the side of your boat at different depths of main line and place your rod in your Monster rod holders and begin to drift . The idea here is to (drift with the wind), draggin your baits just above the contour of the bottom or (pull your baits) over the contour using your trolling motor. Although drifting with the wind will produce catfish, I prefer to control my (pull/drift) and target more precise contour structure, such as humps and ledges. Draggin your baits through a more likely lair will pay off more times than not, increasing your chances for a trophy catfish.

Best Flathead Catfish Bait

The best flathead catfish bait is the topic of this week's Catfishing Quick Tip video from Learn To Catch Catfish. Chad Ferguson talks about the best bait for flathead catfish, some of the key considerations when choosing a bait for flatheads and the four rules to follow. This will give you all the information you need to know to select the proper bait and start landing some monster flathead catfish on your next fishing trip!

Huge Catfish

Hard fight with monster catfish over 200lbs in Delta Ebre Spain.

Mississippi River Catfish Jugging

We take on the Mississippi looking for catfish and are surprised at what jumps up.

Spring Channel Catfishing

A while ago we aired our own fishing show, which aired from coast to coast in the US on the Sportsman Channel.

Since then we've had many people ask us if we had DVDs for sale of the first season of the show. We figured that instead of selling a DVD, that we would provide you the episodes for free!

Is this full-length episode, Ivo and Antonio take you to the swampy shoreline to fish for catfish and panfish.

This episode has been re-edited in HD 1080p for your viewing pleasure!

Catching Monster Catfish

Mark Olis of Grand View Outdoors recently took a trip to Tennessee to fish the tailwaters of Pickwick Dam with legendary catfishing expert Phil King. During the trip King reveals some of his secret concoctions for landing monster Tennessee River catfish — including a 40-pound giant caught on film.

Catfishing Ebro River Spain

Top Carp Fishing Team Holiday 2010 to Spain on the Ebro Northern Spain in the hunt for Monster Catfish

Huge Catfish Landed in Boat

Huge Catfish Landed in Boat.

Trot Lines for Catfish

"Kentucky Afield" TV goes adrift on the Kentucky River this weekend, July 7 and 8, to show that with a trotline, you can do more fishing by 9 a.m. than most people do all day.

We join "Lardo" of the Moron Brothers singing duo as he and Tim Farmer seek the secret to setting a trotline so that morning sets the hook on catfish.

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