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ST. Croix Marine Accessories For ""junior"" Crane Upper Rail Mount (192)

Manufacturer: St. Croix Marine
Price: $82.99 

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St. Croix Marine Accessories For ""junior"" Crane Upper Rail Mount (192) . The St. Croix ""Junior"" Crane is precision engineered and fabricated from stainless steel. This removable crane will lift heavy loads with ease. The fixed upper pulley prevents twisted lifting lines while the lower pulley has an integral snap hook for easy attachment to outboards, groceries, sail bags, dive gear, scooters, bicycles or any other type of non-human load. The crane arm rotates 270 degrees. Best of all, it takes just 20 seconds to set up or remove for storage! Upper bracket attaches to a rail or a bulkhead while the lower bracket can be mounted on a deck or vertical surface. This family of accessories for the ""Junior"" Crane include spare brackets, mast and arm.

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