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Digital Antenna Digital Cellular Antenna And Amplifier

Manufacturer: Digital Antenna
Price: $499.99 

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Digital Antenna Cellular And Amplifier . Amplify your cellphone signals while boatingExperience enhanced cell phone power, range and reliability while cruising on the water. The PowerMax 50dB gain Wireless Marine Repeater system offers cell phone amplification in a cabin without a physical connection to your cell phone. Amplifies multiple cell phones and air cards simultaneously (up to 20). (Only use in boats with cabins, not for use in open console boats) 4KMR-30M - 50dB Gain system Use with USA and North American cell phones operating on 850 and 1900 MHz (except Nextel) Applications: Boats with cabins, not for use in open console boats Benefit: Enhance multiple cell phones onboard within 8'-15' from inside antenna Use: Requires 12' separation and a structure between inside & outside antennas Performance: Amplifies up to 20+ miles. (Distance from tower varies based upon height of outside antenna, type of cable used, cell phone carrier, and cell tower placement. For maximum distance place outside antenna as high as possible using ultra low loss cable.)

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