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Booyah Buzz Blade Buzzbait - 1/4 oz - Snow White Shad

Manufacturer: PRADCO **EDI**
Price: $4.26 

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If your best strategy is to annoy the bass into striking your lure, this Booyah Buzz Blade is the one to tie on! The Buzz Blade Buzzbait creates such a clatter, those bass will just have to smack it just to get a little peace and quiet. The Buzz Blade planes up fast and requires no tuning; its built-in clacker sets to work right away, attacking the blade aggressively. When bass come running, the premium hardcoat paint, extra-large 3-D red eyes, flared red gills and ultra-sharp Mustad® hook seal the deal! Booyah® Buzz Blade™ Buzzbaits

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