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Timbre Ridge Lake

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Timbre Ridge Lake is a Reservoir in Lawrence, Ohio.

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Timbre Ridge Lake was constructed by a private entrepreneur in the 1970s, hoping to develop a resort location. Those plans never materialized and the lake was acquired by the U.S. Forest Service – Wayne National Forest in 1991. Timbre Ridge Lake is surrounded by over 1,000 acres of national forest. The lake is used for recreational purposes.

Fishing Description: 

Timbre Ridge Lake has an abundant largemouth bass population. A 12 to 15-inch slot length limit is in place to remove surplus fish and improve growth rates.

Bluegill are the most abundant sunfish though other sunfish species are present in smaller numbers.

Channel catfish yearlings are stocked on an alternate year basis and are plentiful.

Catchable rainbow trout are stocked annually in the spring and fall providing an additional opportunity during the colder months.

Fishing Cover / Structure: 

The maximum depth at Timbre Ridge is 35 feet; the water is generally clear. Division of Wildlife and U.S. Forest Service personnel have placed fish attractor structures at various locations along the north shoreline.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Better largemouth bass fishing can be found in the spring and fall. As springtime water temperatures warm up, bass will move into shallow water areas to feed and to prepare for spawning. Fish near shallow structure such as tree stumps, standing timber, or weed bed edges. Spinnerbaits, rubber worms, crankbaits, and jig/pig combinations work well. Warm summer water temperatures will usually push fish into deeper depths. Fishing during the early morning hours or in the evening will provide better results. Cooler, fall temperatures will trigger bass to move back in the shallow water areas. Fishing success may pick up as bass prepare for winter.

Bluegill can be caught throughout the lake from early spring until fall. Popular methods include wax worms or redworms fished below a bobber. Look for spawning beds in shallow water during the spring and throughout the summer. Many bluegill can be found concentrated in these areas.

Channel catfish angling picks up by mid-June. Nightcrawlers, chicken livers, or prepared catfish baits work well when fished on the bottom. Night fishing for catfish is a popular method for catfish anglers.

Rainbow trout can be caught during the late fall and early spring. Offerings such as marshmallows, corn, cheese, and small worms are most popular with local anglers.

Boat Ramp: 

A boat ramp with courtesy dock is located off the County Road 37 entrance. Bathrooms are also available at the ramp access. Timbre Ridge Lake is an electric motor only lake.


Wildlife District Four
360 East State Street
Athens, Ohio 45701
Telephone 740-589-9930

Directions to Lake: 

Timbre Ridge Lake is located in Mason Township, Lawrence County. Access to the lake is from County Road 37 (Scottown-Lecta Road) approximately 1.5 miles south of the town of Lecta.

Timbre Ridge Lake
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