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Piedmont Lake

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(Belmont County) – Saugeye in the 16 to 20-inch range are being taken near the dam by shore and boat anglers. Best fishing is at dusk or dawn o... Continued

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Piedmont Lake is a Lake in Harrison, Ohio.

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Piedmont Lake was impounded by a dam across Stillwater Creek and is kept at a conservation pool level of 2,270 acres (elevation 913.0 feet), except in times of extreme flooding. The lake reached conservation pool in March 1942. It attained a maximum depth of 38 feet with a mean depth of 14.9 feet. The lake is approximately 10 miles long.

Fishing Description: 

Piedmont Lake is noted statewide for its large muskellunge, excellent saugeye, shovelhead catfish, and channel catfish fishery. The existing state record for muskellunge was taken from this lake. In addition, the lake has good populations of largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and bluegills. Species of fish stocked by the Division of Wildlife include saugeyes, muskellunge, and channel catfish.

Fishing Cover / Structure: 

MWCD personnel and the Division of Wildlife have cooperated to produce fish attractors such as Christmas tree piles and felled shoreline trees in the lake. This added structure is excellent for concentrating bluegills, largemouth bass, and a limited white crappie population.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Spring and fall fishing is the most popular with the muskie angler. Casting or trolling the bays in April and May with large deep-diving plugs provides the best chance for hooking a muskie. Later, the increase in water temperature drives the muskie to deeper water and during the summer months and into early fall trolling the dam area of the lake should provide the best action, especially during early morning and evening.

Largemouth bass fishermen have the most success from mid-lake to the upper or shallower end. Working artificial night crawlers or live night crawlers and spinner baits on early warm March and April days should provide some action in the shallow bays. In late April and May, long sloping points worked with the same lures plus deep-diving lures should produce fish. During the summer, morning and evening hours are productive, working the shoreline first and then deeper structures during mid-day.

Smallmouth bass are caught mainly from mid-lake to the dam. Early spring fishing in April should provide the best action. Live night crawlers and spinner baits should be worked around the rocky shoreline and shaley points. Deeper structures such as long sloping points with dropoffs into deep water are productive during the summer months. Sometimes trolling these deep points and breaks with deep-diving lures and spinner baits produces good results.

Fair to good bluegill fishing is experienced from May through July on worms and larval baits.

Saugeye fishing is excellent year round at Piedmont Lake. Winter ice fishing and early spring fishing over submerged roadbeds and drop-offs at the lower end of the lake produce good catches. Verticle jigging jigs or spoons tipped with either minnows or night crawlers and blade baits such as cicadas and sonars are popular with anglers. During late spring, summer, and fall months, saugeyes disperse throughout the lake and can be taken by trolling or drifting over shallow flats and long sloping points. Early morning and late evening are typically peak feeding times for saugeye.

Both shovelhead and channel catfish in Piedmont Lake are at a premium. Excellent results are achieved during July, August, and September by fishing with night crawlers, shrimp, chicken liver, or large suckers just off the bottom at night. The designated trotline area in the upper end of the lake is especially good.


Camping (requiring a special MWCD permit available at the marina), is also nearby.

Boat Ramp: 

Boat launching facilities, food, gasoline, and boats and motors are available for rent at Piedmont Marina, 740/658-3735, at the northern end of the lake off State Route 800. Outboard motors may not exceed 10 horsepower.


Wildlife District Four
360 E. State Street
Athens, Ohio 45701
Telephone 740-592-2211

Directions to Lake: 

Piedmont Lake is in Belmont and Harrison counties in the eastern part of the state. The largest portion of the lake lies in Kirkwood and Flushing Townships of Belmont County, with a small segment in Moorefield Township of Harrison County. The lake is on State Route 22 midway between Cambridge and Cadiz and approximately 10 miles north of Interstate 70 off State Route 800.

Piedmont Lake
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