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Argo Pond

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Argo Pond is a Lake in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

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Fishing Tips From Users: 

I grew up in the immediate area and have fished Argo many times. It is scenic but pretty busy with the U-M (and other) crew team(s). You will hear them hollering through bullhorns and speeding up and down the pond in janky rowboats with loud motors. It's a novelty and cool if you've never seen it before. But it gets annoying pretty quick.

As far as actual fishing goes, it sucks. Despite stocking efforts (I don't think any have been recent) expect to only catch dinky smallmouth bass, dinky walleye, and smallish carp. Channel cats are present but rare. All bottom feeders are heavily pressured by shore fisherman. Not even they are worth coming for.

The water is murky, gets way too warm, and has little cover. The pond is becoming silted in and the max depth is about 10 feet.

There is a boat launch, but why bother? The only cool thing about this place is the tall railroad trestle that is fun to jump off of. And even that can kill you.

Skip this place.


Argo Pond
Waterbody type: 
Washtenaw County
United States
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