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Singletary Pond

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Long Pond - Sturbridge - Largemouth seem to be located in the shallows taking cover under lilly pads and thick weeds. Weedless lures a must. The bass seem to hunker down ... Continued

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Singletary Pond is a Reservoir in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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This 330-acre lake is located half in Millbury and half in Sutton about 2 miles southwest of Millbury center. The shore is extensively developed with year-round and summer residences. Water skiing, boating, fishing and swimming are all popular here.

The proximity of this lake to Worcester and surrounding Central Massachusetts towns, coupled with good boat access, makes it a popular trout fishing spot, and fishing pressure is decidedly high. This lake is also used extensively for competitive bass fishing events.

Fishing Description: 

Lake Singletary supports a diverse warm water fish population. Both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass are present. Additional species present include yellow perch, white perch, and bluegills. Pumpkinseeds, chain pickerel, yellow bullhead, brown bullhead and landlocked alewives. The advent of a forage base in the form of alewives has improved bass growth significantly, and many large smallmouths and largemouths are now in evidence.

Each spring Lake Singletary is stocked with trout, and some of these stocked fish carry over to a limited degree throughout the summer.

Expect the fishing to be somewhat hectic, as far as pressure goes, from ice-out until the end of May. After this the interest in trout gradually wanes, while interest in bass steadily increases. Summer bass fishermen will probably find the best quality fishing experience at night, when the ski boaters and tournament boats have left the lake.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Surface aquatic vegetation is very scant, and therefore is of little help to bass fishermen in search of "bassy" looking areas. With a transparency of 10.0 feet, look for submerged rocks and boulders, common along much of the bottom, or bottom covered with weeds. Don’t overlook the three sunken islands.

Facilities and Parks: 

Public access for boat launching is situated off West Main Road at the north end of the lake. The boat ramp is paved, and the adjacent parking lot has spaces for about 20 vehicles. Shore fishing access is limited because of extensive shoreline development.

Singletary Pond
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