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Goat Rock Lake

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Bought 2 nice cats. A 2 foot & a 15 in her. Both off the banks with a shad crank bait. Also bought a striper and 6 lg mouth the day before all on... Continued

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Goat Rock Lake is a Reservoir in Crisp, Georgia.

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This 940-acre reservoir is located on the Chattahoochee River 10 miles above Columbus along the Georgia-Alabama border. The Georgia Power Company operates this lake.

Fishing Description: 

Best Bets: Largemouth bass, spotted bass, bream, catfish & striped bass

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Goat Rock has an abundant largemouth population. The lake is quiet and anglers will encounter little recreational boating activity. Lunker catches are possible for experienced anglers, however most largemouths are in the 8 to 14 inch size range.

Carolina-rigged plastic worms and lizards are effective largemouth baits. Mid-depth crankbaits and spinners also can be productive.

Target rocky points in deep water. Also, shorelines and protected coves with structure are good places to locate largemouths.

Spots are not large in Goat Rock, though are plenty to catch. Most spots will be in the 7 to 10 inch range. The less abundant larger spots will average around 1 pound.

Live bait like night crawlers, crayfish, and minnows are effective. Crankbaits and plastic worms also work well.

The best time to fish is between April and June. Target rocky points in deep water. Main channels and shoreline cover often hold schools of spots.

Bluegill and redear sunfish fishing historically has been good. Average bluegill catches should weigh approximately 1/4 to 1/2 pound, while redear catches should average 3/4 to 1 1/4 pound.

Live worms and crickets are most effective for bluegill and redear sunfish.

Backs of coves and sloughs are most productive. April, May and June are the best months to fish.

Gulf-race striped bass are being stocked in Goat Rock. They will join a few larger striped bass, which likely traveled downstream from Bartlett's Ferry where they also were stocked. There is a clear indication that a striped bass fishery is beginning to develop!

Spoons and popping corks with trailing jigs. Live shad also are effective for stripers.

Target the tailrace in the spring. During the rest of the year, stripers can be found throughout the lake following schools of baitfish.

Goat Rock continues to be an excellent catfish lake. Large channel catfish up to 10 pounds are caught year-round. Channel cats 1-4 pounds are most common.

Channels like live bait like night crawlers and minnows fished at or near the bottom. Stink and cut baits also are popular choices.

Target the river channel area, deep holes and rocky bottoms.

Anglers looking for crappie often fair well in Goat Rock.Most catches average more than 1/2 pound. "Slabs" will be common for the dedicated angler.

Trolling with jigs. Live minnows work well for crappie.

Target woody brush and structure along shorelines. Trolling along the river channel also is effective.

A small population of shoal bass are present and occasionally are caught in Goat Rock.

Crayfish and baitfish are favorite foods for shoal bass.

Target rocky areas below Bartlett’s Ferry Dam and up Mulberry Creek.

Facilities and Parks: 

Sandy Point Access Area
Located just south of Bartlett's Ferry Dam tailrace, Sandy Point Access Area sits on the west side of Goat Rock Lake in Lee County, Alabama. While this is a good spot for bank fishermen because of the available shoreline, there is also a paved boat ramp, a picnic area with several tables, and a parking lot.


Camping Reservations: 706-643-7737 1-888-GPCLAKE

Boat Ramp: 

Sandy Point Recreation Area is located on the Alabama side of the reservoir just below Bartlett’s Ferry Dam, providing a primitive boat ramp, picnic facilities, boat trailer parking and bank fishing.


Goat Rock Marina
465 Peggy Lane Road
Fortson GA 31808
Phone: 706-317-6041

This privately operated facility provides a launching ramp, overnight camping and bank fishing. It is located on the Georgia side of the reservoir near the inflow of Mulberry Creek and is accessed from Georgia Highway 103.

Goat Rock Lake
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