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La Due Reservoir, Ohio

La Due Reservoir, Ohio

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Location: La Due Reservoir
La Due Reservoir, Ohio

Are boat rentals available again at La Due? Is there a phone number available for reservations?

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The reservoir has been pretty

The reservoir has been pretty good so far. I guess we all love to go to that place to do some fishing. - Roger Stanton St. Mary's College

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Boat rentals Question answered....

Boat Rentals are available at the ramp near Rt. 422 Cost varies depending on what you want. I do not have a phone number, sorry.
Jon boats have two options
1. Trolling motor equiped for day is $60 ($50 deposit required)
2. Oars only is $38 for day
** I highly recomendthe trolling motor option. If you have never fished here before there is a lot of water to cover 1450 acres I believe with depths ranging from 1 ft. to over 20ft. Also keep in mind you have the dam sided and the opposite side across 422. If you choose to cross under 422 please be mindful water levels change drastically which can be hazardous to trolling motors and semerged logs will protrude surface is water level is down (Also many coves and nooks to fish) My fishing experience is as follows: I have been here many times using a variety of baits. White perch seem to be infesting this resivoir to the point they hit just about anything thrown into the water (trolling, bait, bottom, ect) I recomend you get bait from a different location (minnows at boat rental shop are very small expensive and don't last but five minutes on a good day) I hope this answers your questions. Good luck and happy boating.