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Webb Lake

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Webb Lake is a Reservoir in Charlotte, Florida.

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The 395-acre Webb Lake has record-sized bluegill, huge freshwater snook, and largemouth bass. Marl ponds 1, 2, and 3 are located in either side of Tucker Grade Road. They are each about 2 acres in size and provide excellent opportunities for bank fishing.

Fishing Description: 

Fish have been stocked and feeders installed on Webb Lake and the ponds to help fish reach maximum size in the shortest time possible. Surveys by biologists indicate that bluegill 8 inches or longer are common and that some in the ponds exceed 11 inches in length.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Bluegill (bream) can be caught on crickets, red wigglers, doughballs, and small bits of hot dog fished below a cork.

Largemouth bass fishing is slow. Fish with floating plastic worms, and Texas-rigged plastic worms in Junebug, red shad, and smoke colors.

Snook can be caught using MirrOlures and other large artificial lures. Keep I mind that snook season is closed from December 1 through January 31.

Catfish can be caught on the ponds using chicken livers and doughballs. Anglers have reported catching tilapia (Nile perch) using eraser-size bits of hot dog fished around the feeders on Webb Lake.

Commercial fish feed can be purchase at local feed stores, and is a great bait to use to catch bream, catfish, and Nile perch in the ponds and the lake around the feeders.

Fishing Tips From Users: 

"Work the edges of the island. Launch your cast up to them from quite a distance and you will kill it out there." - Annon

Bass fishing is actually very plentiful @ Webb Lake, you just need to know where to fish. First any body of water in Florida if you want to catch huge bass use a Texas rigged Kanami Black and Blue plastic worm (or the Bass Pro knock off). When you are fishing this lake get your boat in position to float up to the edges of the islands or the shore line in general.

If you have a long casting pole launch the worm out about 50-60 feet up to the shore, preferably around the weeds and let it sit there for 10 to 20 seconds and bring it back very slow for about 20 to 30ft and if you haven't caught anything repeat that in the same place 5 or 6 times. I'm telling you you will land massive bass doing this.

It is hard fishing in the middle of the lake (no matter what channel you got into. There is also the Racoon baby bass lures with the yellow eyes #2 that works very well in there.

Also when you first come into the main lake (where the campground starts, on the first corner there is a large pile of tires in the water. If it is in the rainy season you can run a spinner bait over the top of this pile and produce really well. If it is in the dry season use a plastic worm and you will have success.
GOOD LUCK! - Annon

Facilities and Parks: 

Three boat ramps and 5 picnic shelters are located along Webb Lake; 3 other picnic shelters, a campground and shooting range are also located on recreation area; stables, clubhouse, barn, and restroom facilities on field trial area.


Camping is only permitted in designated primitive campgrounds PDF. During hunting season camping is available 7 days a week and during non-hunting season, camping is permitted from 5 pm Friday to 9 PM on Sunday and on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Labor Day. Camping is prohibited on the Yucca Pens Unit.

Boat Ramp: 

Three boat ramps provide access to Webb Lake.


A birding hot spot in southwest Florida, Webb is home to numerous resident as well as migrating birds, including the peregrine falcon, bald eagle, wood stork, Bachman’s sparrow, burrowing owl, and brown-headed nuthatch. A variety of warblers are common during the winter. Webb is a stronghold of the eastern bluebird and many other birds whose habitat has been lost to development.

Babcock-Webb's open stands of slash pine flatwoods are home to 27 colonies of the federally listed endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, an increase of 12 colonies since 1982. Their cavity trees are marked with a white-painted ring.

The Sherman's fox squirrel, a state listed species of special concern, has been observed on Babcock-Webb. Northern bobwhite quail, eastern cottontail rabbits, gray squirrels, raccoons, white-tailed deer, and feral hogs are common inhabitants of the flatwoods. Wading birds forage in wet prairies and marshes throughout the day.


A Daily Use Permit or Management Area Stamp is required to gain access to the Babcock/Webb Wildlife Management Area.

Directions to Lake: 

Charlotte County near Punta Gorda and Ft. Myers. From I-75, take exit 158 east 1/4 mile to the entrance; Yucca Pens Unit : From I-75, take exit 158 west to US 41 south 7 mile to Zemel Road, turn west 2.5 miles to the entrance.

Webb Lake
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