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Lake Trafford

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Lake Trafford is a Lake in Collier, Florida.

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Lake Trafford, located in Collier County, encompasses approximately 1,500 acres.

Fishing Description: 

Fish species present in the lake include largemouth bass, black crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and large brown bullheads.

Fishing Cover / Structure: 

Aquatic vegetation consists of cattail, spatterdock, and hydrilla.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Crappie (speck) fishing has been marginally productive so far this winter. The bait of choice for most anglers is live minnows, but expect small artificial jigs to work just as well for those who know how to use them when fish can be located. There are many small crappie in the lake, but patient anglers can take a few nice-sized ones home.

Largemouth bass continue to be far and few between. The FWC expects to stock 150,000 bass fingerling sometime in March and an additional 50,000 advanced bass fingerling about two months after. The 18-inch minimum length limit on largemouth bass is designed to allow these young bass the opportunity to make it to spawning size. On warmer days anglers should be able to catch good numbers of bluegill using crickets and worms by targeting the edges of vegetation such as cattail and spikerush.

Catfish can be caught by fishing worms or chicken livers near the bottom.

Anglers are encouraged to harvest the non-native species found in the lake, the Mayan cichlid. They are related to Oscars and will aggressively take crickets or worms and can be taken using small artificial lures. They are fine table fare and there is no limit on the number an angler can possess. Just be sure to put them on ice since it is illegal to transport them live.

Boat Ramp: 

Access to Lake Trafford is mainly by boat. However, there is a small county park located on the lake that provides some bank access along with a nice public fishing pier. Lake Trafford Marina and the park both have public boat ramps. Services available from the marina include boat rentals, guide service, airboat tours, and bait and tackle. The phone number for Lake Trafford Marina is (239) 657-2401.


Anglers are reminded of the special size limit on black bass in Lake Trafford. The regulation established a minimum length limit of 18 inches for black bass, and a limit of one bass over 22 inches per person per day. The bag limit remains the same at 5 bass per day.

Lake Trafford
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