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Lake del Valle

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Lake del Valle is a Reservoir in Alameda, California.

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Lake Del Valle is known for excellent fishing. The lake is stocked regularly with trout and catfish. There are also large- and smallmouth bass, striped bass, and panfish.

Fishing Description: 

Fishing is best during the winter with the California Department of Fish and Game regularly planting trout from October through May. Planting of trophy-sized trout is supported by the East Bay Regional Park District fishing permit program. There are also large- and small-mouthed bass and a variety of pan fish. Anglers, 16 or older, must have state fishing licenses with appropriate stamps and Park District daily fishing access permits.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Rainbow Trout
These colorful creatures thrive in cool, clear, oxygen-rich water. In winter, they are usually found in the open-water areas of lakes near the surface, and in deeper, cooler water in the summer.

Use night crawlers, red worms, salmon eggs, or power bait on a #8 hook about two feet off the bottom with a sliding sinker. Also, shiny lures less than one inch long may be cast or trolled. Try wet or dry flies in streams or along lake shorelines. Trout are most active in cooler air and water temperatures.

Largemouth Bass
The best time to fish for bass is during the spring. They prefer warm, shallow, shaded, weedy, or tree-covered areas.

Use natural bait (nightcrawlers and crayfish) or black or purple plastic worms rigged with #1 weedless hooks and crank baits or bass plugs. They must be at least 12 inches long to keep.

Smallmouth Bass
Smallmouth bass prefer cooler and deeper water than largemouth bass. They are more often found in moving water near inlets and steep, rocky areas.

Smallmouth bass prefer plastic lures, especially those combined with a spinner pulled through their habitat. Crickets and nightcrawlers are also good baits. Must be 12 inches long to keep.

Striped Bass
They patrol open water, 10-40 feet below the surface. They will move into the shallows to feed on small fish.

Use a strong rod and reel with at least 20 lb. test line, because a 20 year-old "striper" may weigh 40 lbs. Use trolling lures resembling small fish. Must be 18 inches long to keep.

These fish prefer shallow, muddy shoreline areas where submerged trees and weedbeds are found.

Use a bobber to hold a #12 hook three to four feet off the bottom. Use red worms, meal worms, or grasshoppers.

Most of the year, crappie spend their time in close-knit schools in open and deeper water than sunfish. During the spring spawning season they feed along the surface on schooling minnows. After spawning they can be found around sunken brush piles.

Try streamer flies, jigs, grasshoppers, or grubs pulled along the surface or bobbed around brushy areas, or mid-water worm trolling.

Channel Catfish
Catfish comb shallow shoreline areas near vegetation and undercut banks.
These fish eat almost anything. Some of the best baits are chicken liver, crayfish tails, anchovies, mackerel, nightcrawlers, clams, or sardines, placed on a #2 hook with a 1- to 6-ounce sinker.


The Del Valle Family Campground has 150 sites, 21 of them with water and sewage hookups (no electrical). The sites are served by centrally located toilet and shower facilities. For reservations, telephone 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2, then 1, up to 12 weeks in advance. There are also several youth group campgrounds, available by reservation only. Telephone 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2, then 1 for information.

Boat Ramp: 

Visitors may launch any size boat at the public boat launch ramp. JET SKIS are NOT permitted.

Boat Launch Fee: $4 per day trailered boat; $2 per day car-top or inflatable; $1 per day windsurf board.

Boat Rental: 

* Rocky Mountain Recreation Company offers rentals such as motorboats, pontoon boats, canoes, rowboats, and paddle boats. Please visit their website at: or call (925) 449-5201 for rate and rental information.
* Sunrise Mountain Sports offers kayak, Hobie and sea kayak rentals. For rate and rental information, call their Del Valle Kayak Center at (925) 245-9481 or visit their website at:
Sunrise Mountain Sports Store phone no.: (925) 447-8330.


Boating Regulations:

* Capsized boat charge--$50
* Motor boats of any size are permitted. JET SKIS are NOT permitted.
* Speed limit is 10 miles per hour on the entire lake.
* All watercraft must be off lake 1 hour before gates are closed (note: closing times vary throughout the year).
* Boats, operators, and passengers must meet and observe all applicable Coast Guard, State, and Federal safety requirements (including having approved life vests for each boat occupant, operable fire extinguisher on board, and observing alcohol restrictions, which are the same as with automobiles).
* All watercraft must be registered.

Lake del Valle
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