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Salmon Fly Hooks and Color Choice

Salmon Fly Hooks and Color Choice

Salmon Flies - Size & Use

Salmon fly size and color chart www.theessentialfly.comRecommended sizes for hooks vary through the year. Early around the salmon season size 4 hooks with green colored salmon flies are more dependable at stimulating salmon, When the time of year progresses towards the summer season altering to yellows (try Allys Cascade Shrimp) and then to oranges (we recommend you try Allys Shrimp) with smaller hooks is more consistent. Through the top of summer you could be using salmon fishing flies as tiny as size 16. Near the end of the salmon season red flies (try Allys Shrimp Red) then purples color fly fishing flies (we recommend you try Allys Shrimp Purple) tend to be more reliable.

Salmon Flies - Tube Flies

EF-9303-100px.jpgOne of the more flexible & dependable salmon angling methods is almost certainly using tube flies. Salmon tube flies can comprise metal or plastic. Salmon tube flies including copper salmon tube flies (that have more weight to search deeper faster) or nylon salmon tube flies which remain closer to surface. Salmon tube fly designs vary from established tube salmon flies patterns like green highlander through newer salmon flies like pot bellied pig tube flies along with the mega mobile sunray shadow along with monkey tube fly fishing flies using fly tying materials that give out greatest movement like cashmere goat. New tube fly fishing systems like Tubeology are much more adaptable enabling a fly fisherman to take a aluminium salmon tube fly to the water and interchange heads for hot spot colour and size / weight enabling the same salmon tube fishing fly to vary the depth and velocity at which it descends across different areas of salmon pools.

Salmon Flies - Hook Based Flies

EF-1390.jpgSalmon fly fishing flies appear in a choice of sizes and shapes and vary in line with hooks used, you will get salmon single hook fly fishing flies, salmon double hook fly fishing flies and salmon treble hook flies. Regulations possibly will possibly tolerate the use salmon doubles or trebles or might not based where you might be fishing and the relevant club or water rules. A lot of waters are restricting the kinds of hooks for the benefit of the salmon.

Salmon Flies - General Notes

The salmon stops eating while it moves in the fresh water from the sea for breeding, it's literally "dying" to breed and reproduce and will not eat until it can return in the sea. As a matter of fact considerable numbers of salmon die with act of reproduction. Because of this we are not catching salmon as it wants a fly to eat to gratify hunger like the Rainbow Trout we're catching the salmon as we're triggering their predatory character. We could stimulate the salmons predatory spirit using imitative salmon fishing flies like Ally's shrimps designed by Alistair Gowans which resemble shrimp based patterns or the red francis which uses boar hair and again resembles a shrimp . You'll notice then modern salmon flies like monkey tube flies and sunray shadow tube flies using resources like cashmere goat for maximum movement creating ultra-mobile salmon flies which can look like a small fish to the predatory salmon. The range of salmon fishing flies used today include:

  • salmon single hook fishing flies
  • salmon double hook fishing flies
  • salmon treble hook fishing flies
  • Irish shrimp salmon fishing flies
  • salmon fully dressed fishing flies
  • Ally Gowans - Allys Shrimps and Cascade Fishing Flies
  • salmon copper tube fishing flies
  • salmon copper tube Pot Bellied Pig (PBP) fishing flies

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