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How To Make Homemade Catfish Bait

How To Make Homemade Catfish Bait

I'm a catfish lover by nature and here I'll show you how to make catfish baits that will help you reel in the fattest of cats. I'm constantly at the lake with a lot of lines in the water at all times. Whether through the warm months of summer or into the depths of a frigid winter, I can show you how to reel in a cat no matter what the weather forecast with my time-tested homemade catfish baits.

Many new catfishermen think that you have to buy catfish bait from the local bait shop. Yet as time passes, you'll come to realize that most guys lugging in the heavier cats are fishing with baits that they make at home. These homemade catfish bait recipes are what sets the men apart from the boys. Catfish seem to like a variety of different baits throughout the year. What may work one day in reeling in the fat cats may leave you coming home empty-handed the next. An important note is to keep track of local conditions. Introduce yourself to other local fisherman and find out what the catfish are biting on on a daily basis. I, along with many other cat lovers have always caught more catfish, more often than not, when chumming. Chumming is basically pre-baiting an area with small bits of the same type of bait you are fishing with for the day. If you're fishing with tuna, then a tuna chum should be used to draw the catfish into the area of water you plan to fish. Now I know you're ready to get your hands wet, so to speak, so on to the catfish bait recipes.

How To Make Catfish Bait - Homemade Recipes

The simplest of all cat fish bait recipes is the age-old hot dog. Simply cut up the hot dogs into one inch slices and push them up into a treble hook. Now you can stop there, but one of my favorite additions to the old hot dog catfish bait is to get a mason jar several days before going fishing and putting the cut up (one inch slices) hot dogs into the mason jar. Then thoroughly cover the hot dogs with garlic salt. Put on the lid, shake the jar ever so often and keep in the fridge until ready to go fishing. Cats love 'em and I'm sure you will too.

Next on the list of catfish bait recipes is the grand-daddy of all catfish baits, and that is the time-tested chicken liver. People have been catching catfish on chicken livers since the beginning of time. The only problem with using them is that they are slimy and fall off the hook easily when casting out into the rivers and lakes. So here's a simple 20th century fix that will keep those chicken livers on the hook. If you own a dehydrator, you just cut out some wax paper to fit your dehydrator trays and then lay out the chicken livers flat onto the wax paper on the trays. The chicken livers will take about three days total to dry out. You want them to dry to the consistency of beef jerky, pliable yet dried. For an added plus, sprinkle some garlic salt over the chicken livers as they are drying. Another great catfish bait recipe that will have you cleaning catfish for supper.

The last catfish bait recipe I'll be offering here is for meat-eaters. Whenever your wife (or husband) is cooking any meat in the kitchen and there are trimmings to be taken from the meat, save those meat trimmings for catfish bait. I've even yanked in a few catfish in my days with just plain old chicken fat. I swear all catfish love garlic, so be sure to spread the garlic around whenever possible.

I hope these catfish bait recipes work as well for you as they have for me over the years. You'll never know how to catch catfish with homemade baits until you try, so give it a whirl the next time you go catfishing and see how it turns out for you. You may just reel in a record!

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