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Fishing on Mount Desert Island Maine

Fishing on Mount Desert Island Maine

Acadia National Park and the surrounding area offer opportunities for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Lakes and ponds can have several species of freshwater game fish, including trout, landlocked salmon, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and other species. Ocean species include mackerel, bluefish, and striped bass. Freshwater fishing requires a State of Maine fishing license, as determined by state law. A license is not required to fish in the ocean.

Freshwater Fishing
The freshwater fishing season in Maine is generally April through September. Check the State of Maine’s Open Water Fishing Regulations handbook for exact dates (see More Information for instructions on obtaining a copy of this publication).

During July and August, trout and salmon are found deep in the cooler waters of lakes and ponds on Mount Desert Island. Special fishing gear, such as a down-rigger, will increase your chances of hooking a salmon or trout in the summer. In the cooler seasons, trout and salmon can be caught readily using common methods. Warm-water species can be caught throughout the season using common methods.

Regulations and Tips
• Portions of lake and pond shorelines may be privately owned; respect private property.
• Several ponds and lakes are public water supplies where swimming, wading, and pets are prohibited. Please follow posted regulations.
• Boaters: Protect your lakes—stop the spread of invasive aquatic plants. Clean your boat before you float. Dispose of plants on high, dry land away from lakes and ponds.
• Eating freshwater fish containing mercury can be harmful if consumed in quantities. For safe-eating guidelines, consult the State of Maine’s Open Water Fishing Regulations handbook.

Motor Restrictions
Most of the lakes and ponds on the island have restrictions on the power and/or type of motor you may use. This list includes restrictions on lakes and ponds where fishing is common:
• Motors over 10 horsepower are prohibited on Eagle Lake, Echo Lake, Hodgdon Pond, Jordan Pond, Lower and Upper Hadlock Ponds, and Seal Cove Pond.
• There is no horsepower limit on Long Pond.
• Internal combustion engines are prohibited on Bubble Pond, Witch Hole Pond, and Round Pond.
• No motors are permitted on Half Moon Pond and Lower and Upper Breakneck Ponds.

Fishing Licenses
State of Maine fishing licenses are required for Maine residents 16 years or older and non-residents 12 years or older. Fees vary based on resident/non-resident status, age, and length of license. Licenses may be purchased online at, or locally from the following towns and businesses:

Towns on Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor (207-288-4098) - 93 Cottage Street (Maine residents only)
Mount Desert (207-276-5531) - 21 Sea Street
Southwest Harbor (207-244-5404) - 26 Village Green Way
Tremont (207-244-7204) - 119 Tremont Road

Area Businesses
Bar Harbor
Paradis True Value - 31 Holland Avenue
Wal-Mart - 461 High Street
Willey’s Sport Center - 248 State Street

Cold Water Fishing
Bubble Pond brook trout
Eagle Lake landlocked salmon
brook trout
lake trout
Echo Lake brook trout
landlocked salmon
Half Moon Pond brook trout
Jordan Pond landlocked salmon
lake trout
Long Pond brook trout
landlocked salmon
Lower and Upper brook trout
Breakneck Ponds
Lower Hadlock brook trout
Pond brown trout
white perch
Upper Hadlock brook trout
Witch Hole Pond brook trout

Warm Water Fishing
Hodgdon Pond brown trout
chain pickerel
smallmouth bass
white perch
yellow perch
Long Pond smallmouth bass
chain pickerel
Round Pond smallmouth bass
Seal Cove Pond alewives
brown trout
chain pickerel
smallmouth bass
white perch
white sucker
yellow perch

Ice Fishing
The ice fishing season generally lasts from January 1 to March 31. A fishing license is required. Check the State of Maine’s Ice Fishing Regulations handbook for exact dates and possession and size limits, all of which vary from county to county. Many of the larger ponds and lakes in the park are popular locations for ice fishing. Please be cautious on frozen bodies of water and ensure that ice thickness is sufficient to support your weight.

Ocean Fishing
A license is not required to fish in the ocean. There are, however, safety concerns when ocean fishing. Be cautious of surf conditions. Sudden waves can wash the shore and sweep you out to sea. Watch your footing; seaweed and algae-covered rocks are extremely slippery. Ocean fishing areas in the park include:

Sargent Drive, Somes Sound
mackerel and bluefish (when running, periodically in mid-July, August, September)
striped bass (July, August, September)

Frazer Point, Schoodic Peninsula
mackerel (when running, periodically in mid-July, August, September)

More Information
The State of Maine’s Open Water Fishing Regulations and Ice Fishing Regulations handbooks contain information about fishing regulations, including length, bag, and possession limits; safe-eating guidelines; opportunities for children; and more. Receive a copy of these handbooks when you purchase a fishing license or by calling 207-287-8000.

For detailed fishing information, visit the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife online at