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Colorado Walleye Fishing Locations

Colorado Walleye Fishing Locations

There are many locations in Colorado to do some walleye fishing. Cherry Creek Reservoir is known for some trophy-sized walleye. The best fishing is between May and June with a jig and bait. You can fish other months, but you will need a map to see where the walleye schools hide.

The best locations are near the island and the dam. The Boulder Reservoir is also good for spring walleye fishing. There are many areas where the underwater structures hold the walleye, but the holding seems to be good only during the spring months. These two places are located in northern parts of Colorado. The best times of the day are at sundown and into the night. The walleye are biting at minnows.

The Colorado River is another prime location for walleye fishing. The underwater rock structures and deadwood make nice hiding spots for the walleye. The best fishing is in the northwest section of the river. If you are looking for walleye fishing during February, look towards the inflows of San Juan and Colorado Rivers. The most effective way to fish these areas is a slow troll. Get a map so you know where the underwater structures are located.

Barr Lake is another place in Colorado to catch walleye. You will need a boat to get out on the lake to find the walleye. A map of the lake will show you where the underwater structures are located. The weed beds will also have walleye lurking. The best time to fish this lake is during the morning hours or at night right as the sun goes down. Use a minnow and a jig to catch the walleye. Shore fishing or shallow water fishing is not recommended for walleye fishing if you want to catch the fish.

Jackson Lake is another place to try your hand at walleye fishing any time of the year. The lake is located in the northeastern part of Colorado and has some great walleye fishing opportunities. The days are cool so the fishing is always right. You can fish for the walleye by the underwater structures and close to the shores at dusk and dawn. The best bait to use is a jig and a night crawler, although minnows work just as well. Not only is good fishing, it is a good place to camp when the weather is right.

Chatfield Reservoir is a popular place to catch walleye. Fish when the light is low and you will catch some nice sized walleyes. Although, walleye fishing is popular, most of the walleye catch are small but make enough for a tasty meal.

You do have to fish before the sun comes up or at night just after the sun goes down. The big walleye seem to be scared away because of the amount of traffic on the lake, but you can still catch some nice walleye with a bottom bouncer and a worm harness with two hooks. You can also use a Curly Tail Grub with a night crawler to fish for walleye on this lake.

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