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Gantt Lake

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Gantt Lake is a Reservoir in Covington, Alabama.

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Located in the Gantt Community, north of the City of Andalusia in Covington County, just off State Highway 29. The reservoir impounds the Conecuh River, and is approximately 2,700 acres in size with 21 miles of shoreline. The River Falls Power Company constructed Gantt Dam in the 1920s, but it is now operated by Alabama Electric Cooperative for hydropower generation. The Gantt watershed is relatively infertile; therefore, the reservoir does not support high standing crops of gamefish.

Fishing Description: 

Largemouth bass, redear sunfish, bluegill and crappie are the most common sportfish species. The lake is noted primarily for its redear sunfish (shellcracker) fishery. Because of the low fertility, production of forage species such as threadfin and gizzard shad is low. Since there is not a lot of forage available, largemouth bass and white crappie generally have slow growth rates and below average condition.

Fishing Tips, Tactics, How-To info: 

Largemouth bass can be taken around the grassbeds and cypress trees that are found in the numerous sloughs and coves off the main lake. The most popular and effective baits among anglers are crankbaits and plastic worms.
Redear sunfish (shellcracker) can be taken with live bait, primarily wigglers, on sandy beaches, points, and flats.
Steep walls along the old river channel can be the most productive for crappie, which are usually taken on live minnows. (Anglers are not allowed to intentionally release bait into the Gantt Lake.)

Facilities and Parks: 

The shoreline is heavily developed; and the lake is used primarily for boating, swimming, and skiing. A public boat launch is located on Highway 29 in the Clearview Community. Detailed maps of Gantt Reservoir may be obtained from the Alabama Electric Cooperative in Andalusia.

Gantt Lake
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